Spending a cruise vacation in one of the finest cruise liners is can experience one will never have enough of. While waking up in one of the most exciting cities in the world is really exciting, how a passenger spends his/her time while waiting to get there is what makes today’s cruise liners the best “floating cities” one will ever be in.

Unlike in the past when cruise line passengers only had the bar, night club, dance floor, lounge area, pools and some other facilities to enjoy, the amenities cruise ships are designed with today will make even a day not long enough for one to enjoy everything. And despite the much bigger crowd on board, as many ships can now accommodate up to 4000 people (the biggest ship built – the Allure of the Seas, can accommodate 6000+ passengers) one can always find a space in the ship’s library, cinema, casino, gym, basketball courts, pool tables, ping pong tables, bars, pubs and nightclubs, tax and duty free shops, hair and beauty salon, buffet restaurant, indoor and outdoor swimming pool with water slides, jogging tracks, planetarium, rock-climbing walls, aqua park, bumper cars and many others.

As if these are not enough, cruise lines have also began to introduce shore excursions and other shore activities. These activities, which are either conducted by the cruise line itself or by a private tour company, are intended to make the cruise experience more exciting and adventurous and, sometimes, educational too.

Shore excursions and other land activities have actually been very good sources of additional income for cruise ship owners, so that more and more of these get to be introduced (at least one) in each port of call. But as owners’ income increases, so too do the number of accidents involving passengers.

Advertising these excursions as safe can be challenged because these have also been additional causes of accident-causing injuries. Injuries can be due to: tender boat accidents; dock accidents; malfunctioning or defective equipment; motor vehicle accidents, which can happen while passengers are on a car or tour bus en route to the place they will visit; lack of security; or accident while participating in an activity.

Despite the inclusion of an article in the excursion contract (that passengers sign) that exempts the excursion provider or the cruise ship from legal liability in the event of an accident, the law firm Louis A. Vucci, PA, says that there is no law that will stop injured passengers from filing a lawsuit to seek the compensation that they rightfully deserve.

Hundreds of passengers have been injured in the past and hundreds of lawsuits have also been filed, while millions of dollars have been paid by companies as settlement payments. One thing victims only have to be aware of is that delay in deciding to file a lawsuit can mean lost chance for compensation. The maritime law gives injured cruise line passengers only 1 year statutory limit (the time within which to file a lawsuit) starting on the day the injury was sustained.