Couples who cannot have a child need not worry. Their wish of adding a kid or kids to their family is still achievable through adoption. Although the child did not come from their own flesh and blood, it can still be a joyous experience and will give them an opportunity to be parents. According to the website of Marshall & Taylor PLLC, adopting a child is a legal process. In this article, we shall discuss about the different ways of adopting a child.

Adoption Through an Agency

Adoption agencies can either be private or public and is highly regulated in the state where they are operating. Public agencies are responsible for handling children who are wards of the state because they have been abandoned, orphaned or abused. On the other hand, private agencies are often managed by charities and social service organizations.

Independent Adoption

Independent adoption involves a direct arrangement between birth and adoptive parents, sometimes with the help of a go-between such as a doctor or member of the clergy. As this type of adoption can be delicate, it would be wise for the adoptive parent to let an attorney do the paperwork. Not all state allows independent adoption and in some it is regulated extensively.

Adoption Through Identification

Adoption through identification combines independent and agency adoptions. Here, the adoptive parents search for a mother wanting to put their child up for adoption. Once she has found one, they will ask an adoption agency to handle the rest of the process. In identified adoption, there is no “waiting list” for the adoptive parents.

International Adoption

International adoption is the most complicated type of adoption. To successfully adopt a foreign child, the adoptive parents should satisfy both the laws of your state and that of the laws of the host country. IN addition, the adoptive parents should secure an immigrant visa for the child through the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services or USCIS. Upon approval, the child will immediately become a US citizen upon entry to the United States.